Thursday, December 1, 2011

Nativity Update

Four years ago, I wrote about our Nativity and the hard times that it has seen (  This year has not been much different.

Last year my son superglued Jesus' head back on AND the wise man's hand!  Yes!  Jesus will get three gifts this year!!!!  Fast forward to the other day as I was unwrapping the Nativity set.  The wise man's hand was off again.  Yes, it was the same wise man.  And, I said "well, no myrrh for Jesus this year" as I laughed to myself.  As I was unwrapping baby Jesus, His head was still intact!  YES!  However, his right arm was not! lol  I thought, jeez, this is the special ed Nativity!  What is a girl to do?  Well, I put the Nativity out.  Put the wise man not too far away.  Put baby Jesus with the wise man and put his broken arm in a drawer.  What.  Where would you put it?!  Then, when my son comes home, he super gluing stuff and I was all..."JESUS' ARM AND THE WISE MAN'S HAND!" lol.  Well, Jesus is no longer an amputee, which is good.  The wise man however....a small part was missing so unfortunately, no myrrh for Jesus this year or any other.  After all that my 'perfect' Nativity has been through, unwrapping it and seeing what comes out has become a highlight for me.

Bob (aka the Holy Spirit) likes to remind me that I am not so different from my Nativity.  First, there is no such thing as normal.  We are all a little special ed in our own way.  Second, I'm just like the Nativity.  Sometimes I'm strong like the pieces that have never broken.  Others, I am like the hand of the wise man and Jesus who always seem to break no matter how well I wrap them.  I am a mother like Mary.  Her son had to leave her, and my son is getting ready to leave me (no I'm not comparing Jesus' death to my son leaving for college! But a sword is piercing my heart nonetheless).  I am a worker like Joseph.  I can be an ass like the ass.  I can be strong like the ox.  I look at wonder at my God and Jesus like the Sheppard boy.  My soul and it's love for Jesus is like the Angel watching over Jesus.  Sometimes, I am wise like the wise men.  Even the one with the broken hand.  We are all like the Nativity in our own way.  Sure, yours may never break and that's awesome.  But, I bet you dollars to donuts that if you look at your Nativity, you can see yourself represented in each piece.  And no.  I didn't forget Baby Jesus.  All of you, all of you are Jesus to me.

Until next time,
Happy Advent!!!!!  Pray for all those who are alone during this Christmas season.


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