Monday, April 1, 2013

Spell check, Easter, and my faith

So, apparently, I spelled Triduum wrong.  I had it with one 'u'.  Apologies, my dear husband, but it's not in the spell check.

For as much as I sung the praises of the Triduum in my last blog, I did not go.  Call it life or laziness, I didn't go.  However, I went to Easter Vigil Saturday night and it was beautiful.  Let me explain.

Picture it, a quiet church, the sun is setting.  I am in a pew with my sister Carol and my niece Elizabeth.  We're saving seats for the rest of our brood who is on their way.  It's a peaceful time, filled with anticipation of what the night is going to bring!  Then, it is time.  The Vigil begins.  At one point, the church is completely dark, save for the lit candles that everyone possesses.  Prayers are said and it is a beautiful sight to behold.  People are baptized and confirmed and welcomed into my Catholic faith!  The Holy Spirit descends upon them and me. 

As I sit in my pew, I have a front row seat to everything.  I watch as a newly confirmed woman is so excited, that walking back to her pew after being confirmed, she throws both her fists up in the air with a big smile on her face as if to say "YES!"  I got to witness another woman, a few minutes after being confirmed, sing the Ave Maria in front of the entire congregation!  I watched our two new Deacons serve in the Mass.  I received communion from my friend Kevin who will become a Deacon in three weeks (on his journey to the Priesthood), and I got to see my friend Russ, assist in serving the Mass as well.  Then, as if things couldn't get ANY better, when the Holy Spirit cam upon the confirmed, I felt my Bob (aka the Holy Spirit) with me.  I welcomed him and told Him how much I have missed Him.

The Vigil flew by...two hours and forty minutes and it flew by.  It was filled with prayer and love and ceremony.  It was filled with incense and songs and joy.  I wish for each of you to experience it once in your life.  It is a truly moving experience.  Parts of it bring me to tears.  For example, the renewal of my baptismal promises.  I don't remember my baptism and I suspect most of you don't remember yours either.  But every year I get to renew my promises and it is moving. 

Then, yesterday was spent cooking and enjoying my sister Carol and her family.  There was a lot of laughter.  Seriously, a ton of laughter.  I'm pretty sure yesterday was the stuff that legends are made of.  I know some of the events will go down in our family history! lol  It was a great time to spend with our family as with life, things have been getting hectic.  It was so good just to be together.

I am sated.

Until next time,
Pray for those who have joined the Catholic faith this weekend.


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