Friday, July 16, 2010


God has been good to me.  Actually, He's always good to me.  I just don't always pay attention.  I've been keeping myself uber busy and in the not so busy times I've been doing a LOT of thinking, introspective type stuff mostly.  So, if you can follow me, I know it's not always easy, but here's where my train (of thought) has taken me as of late.

Joseph was a carpenter.  Jesus probably learned a few things along the way from his dad, Joseph. So, God is the grand architect of us all, are you still with me?  Okay, then, look at it like we're all buildings.  Just humor me and go with it, please.  In the grand building scheme of things, I make an awesome lean to.  However, I am not so good at leaning.  I mean, look at the leaning tower of Pisa.  It leans and it's strong.  It is an awesome leaner.  It has structures there supporting it, and it leans on them.  It's way cool.  I am not a good leaner, well except for George.

I cannot express how much I have leaned on all of you since Sunday when my Mema passed.  Alyssa, you have know idea how I hear your voice everyday in my head saying 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming'.  I have clung to that.  Julie and Tina, I love the calls to check in on me.  And, my dear, dear podmate, you will never know the love I felt when you said "I'll have my cell phone with me" and for reminding that you, Peter, Bob and our girl have my back.  I seem to forget that every now and then.  Carol, just being there, silently waiting.  And then, just letting me say nothing when we're together, or just letting me spoil your kids.  Amy, my Amy, your email was so beautiful.  My beloved bunco group, your support is just so wonderful.  Carolina, spending time with me and the kids to give me a break when I didn't realize I needed one, was awesome.  My Greta, oh my Greta, there are no word, none, that can convey the depths of my gratitude for you staying up with me the night she passed.  And, as we got off the line and said the rosary, I knew we were saying it together and it brought me such comfort.  Mike, your email was perfection as always.  That psalm use to really scare me b/c I thought it was all about death and it's not (psalm 23).  So many times I have walked through the valley of the shadow of death.  That is such a comforting psalm and I thank you for sharing it.  Cat, your texts from Maine made me feel so special.  You're on vacation with your family and you're worried about me.  My Teresa, I love you.  You are such a pillar of strength to me.  My Sharon.  Oh how you are such a part of my heart.  You're texts and emails have I clung too!  They gave me comfort and brought me strength I didn't know I possessed.  I thank all of you for not being upset if I haven't emailed you back, or if I did it took a while.  And, finally, to my George.  My rock, my strength.  These days with me have not been easy.  Thank you for holding me tight and never letting go.  There is nothing I have done to deserve you, you are truly my gift from God and I am not worthy but oh so blessed to have you.

As the days go on, I will share more of what has be transpiring in the days since Mema passed.  I promise you a soap opera does not have this much drama! lol

For now, though, please know that I have felt each and everyone of your prayers and your love as you have been lifting me up.  Being a bad leaner, it is hard for me to accept, I am the support, I'm the one who helps, not leans.  And, I thank all of you, each and every one for being there (Patti, I didn't mean to leave you out!  Thank you (and Julie) for your hug in Mass and for crying with me and your texts!).  You all are awesome supports and I love each and every one of you.

Until next time,
give yourself big hugs from me!


P.S.S  The pic with the pirate, my Mema was the pirate (this past Halloween she won first place) and the woman with her is my mom.

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Amy said...

Gina, just beautiful blog is all I can say! Love the pirate picture reminds us all to stay young of heart no matter how old we are. I get the architect analogy especially after seeing inception