Friday, October 15, 2010

Matteis, Rodin and Me

So, yesterday, George and I are at the Dallas Museum of Art.  We had such a beautiful time walking around, holding hands, looking at priceless works of art.  Sometimes we'd talk about a piece or show each other something that caught the others eye but we were also content to just look and be still, not saying anything.  Now, I'm not a art conesur.  For all I know Monet could have used crayolas.  But I came across one piece in particular that held me.  It was so beautiful I sat in front of it for a little while and it literally brought tears to my eyes.  I was so filled with emotion by this painting.  I wanted to purchase it at the gift shop, but unfortunately, they didn't have it for sale as a poster.  I mentioned to the sales lady that the DMA was right down the street from the Cathedral and if she stocked some Catholic posters, they would sell pretty well (They have a portrait of St. Catherine of Seinna and a picture with St. Jerome in along with a few of Mary).  The picture that struck me is called Adoration of the Sheppards. 

The first thing that struck me was how young Mary is.  Yes, I know she was 14, but when you see pictures or statues she looks like she's in her 20s.  Look at how young she truly is!  Then, look at Jesus.  He's just looking straight ahead.  And, then there's St. Gabriel kneeling down at the head of Jesus.  And the sheppards!  I'm use to seeing them all covered up and carrying staffs.  They're in short clothes here. And look at the boy on the right.  Look how he's looking away from Jesus at the man by him.  Look at the wonderment in his face!  And then look in the back, you can see the oxen.  Now look up.  See the angels?  See the one with the sign that says "Gloria"?  and then there's two angels almost hidden.  And look at Joseph!  How handsome!  How happy!  How full of wonder!!!!  I could sit and look at this picture for a while and find more stuff to marvel at, I'm sure!  I just had to share this with you.

The other piece that struck me was a sculpture.  It was from the Wendy and Emory Reeves Collection.  It was called I am Beautiful.  I was a husband holding his wife who was curled up in a ball around his shoulders.  It struck me because he was holding her with such great love.  They were almost entwined.

An excerpt from the DMA site says "The female figure, in a crouching, almost fetal position, is embraced by a standing man who seemingly reaches to the heavens to rescue her."  For more information on the sculpture..

I would LOVE to have my own copy of one!  Do they even sell copies?

 I know it will sound weird, but to be with my husband, on our anniversary, looking at such an intimate sculpture made me feel so blessed, so connected and so loved.

It was such a beautiful day all around yesterday.  The weather could not have been more perfect, and the company, my beloved husband, was awesome.  I hope to have more days like yesterday!

Until next time,
Take a trip to the museum with your beloved.  See what inspires you!


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