Friday, October 15, 2010


George has had to deal with a lot.  More than most, less than some.  He moved his job, left his family and all his friends to move to South Carolina to be with me and the kids, and we began our life together.    Six months after the wedding, he lost his job (for the first of three times).  He moved to Kansas six weeks before the kids and I could come for a job.  During our nine months in Kansas our marriage really grew strong.  Neither of us had any family or friends there, only each other.  We learned to rely truly on each other.  Then, we moved to Texas.  You know it has to be love for a girl from the 'burg to end up in Texas!  But, love him I do.

Here in Texas, not only has our marriage grown stronger, but so has our faith, in God, ourselves, and each other.  We've made friends, lasting friendships, friends that are not friends now, they're family (Carol, Julie, Tina, Alyssa, Patti).  Like most of the country, we've faced financial hardships (before it was fashionable, what can I say, we're trendsetters!), we've faced death and loss.  But we've also celebrated and have had great joy.

Today, today was a gift from God.  George was able to get the day off with pay.  His first in 18 months.  He and I spent the evening at a local hotel and then spent the day together.  Just us, no kids.  We went to the Dallas Museum of Art.  We had an amazing dinner at Rafains (I still prefer Fogo de Chao, but Rafrains is a affordable alternative) and just enjoyed each others company all day.  We talked, actually talked, not about bills and schedules, but about us.  About our lives together.  On our wedding day, before the ceremony, I gave George and out.  I told him he could change his mind, I'd be heartbroken, but if he wanted out that was his chance.  I told him that I'm not the easiest person to live with.  He just laughed and said nope.

Ten years later, he's had to deal with my many job changes, my therapy, my on medication off medication on medication, my anxiety and panic.  My control obsession.  My lack of tact.  My dreamer mentality, my weight gain (I was a size 5 when we started dating), my pms (it's not pretty folks).  My anger, my health, my empathy and my family.

Ten years later, and I still get the better end of the deal.  I get a husband who not only loves me, but does dishes and laundry.  Who actually helps parent the kids, who handles the finances.  Who prays.  I have a husband who actually hung the moon.  Who gave me his amazing parents.  Who gives me security, who gives me strength, who gives me the confidence to be who I am and not apologize for it.  Who helps me grow and become whomever I want (no matter the hair color!) and trust me when I tell you, that's a lot to deal with!

It's only been ten years, it has flown by so fast!  I love everyday, everyday with my husband.  George, you have given me so much love and happiness and no matter what I do, I can never, ever, thank God enough for blessing me with you.

Happy Anniversary, Gus.

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