Friday, October 1, 2010

Today has been amazing!!!!  Totally surprised the crap outta me, that's for sure!

You all know how my morning went.  Let me tell you about my afternoon.  I started with Mass at noon.  I could feel the pull all morning for me to stay away.  But I resisted and went anyways.  I'm so glad I did!  I got to sit next to and worship with my podmate!!!  I was so awesome to see her.  We also decided to induct one other person into our pod because as school house rock says "three is a magic number, yes it is".  So, if I get no objections, I think we're closin out the pod at three.  Do you want to know who the last member of our pod is?  Okay, I'll tell ya!  It's My Alyssa!  Julies pm#1, Alyssa's pm#2, and I round it out at 3 :D  It's the perfect size for us with all the baggage that we have (and I've got plenty I tell ya!)  Anywho, Mass was *awesome*!  And, I went up for the anointing of the sick.  Totally, amazingly awesome!

Guess who I got to sit by in Mass today?  Guess, Guess!!!  Other than my'll NEVER GUESS!!!!  SUE PAYNE!!!!!!!!  I KNOW!  AWESOME, RIGHT!!!!  Let me set the picture for you.  Sue and I have never met.  But through the wonders of facebook, and friends of friends of friends, we began chatting online a while ago.  Her family was going through something and prayers were needed.  Over the weeks and months, she and I began to talk and email.  Then we would i m sometimes.  Lots and lots were shared and we grew our friendship from miles away (she's in Houston) out of prayer.  I knew she was coming back to St. Jude's this weekend and was hoping to actually meet her face to face.  But, I know she has a buttload of friends to see, so I wasn't counting on it.  Then, this afternoon, Mass is about to start in a few minutes and Sue walks in the pew in front of me.  I don't know who she is yet, but she was hugging Jules and as Sue sits down she squeezes my leg (I'm sitting down) hello.  I look up and recognition dawns (I've seen her pics on facebook) and I jump up and give her a huge hug and say "welcome home"!!!!  God found a way for Sue and I to meet.  I mentioned to my Julie about this little fact and she said "Isn't it amazing how facebook can be used for good"  Actually, I'm paraphrasing as she said it more eloquently.  But as I sat there I thought, 'how cool is God!'.

Then, I had lunch with my loving husband, ran a few errands, then made dinner for a friend.  And, as a surprise, George took the night off to surprise me!  All in all, it's be an awesome day!

God is totally awesome!

Until next time,

Remember I love you!


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