Sunday, February 22, 2009

Did you ever think of the cost?

Sure. We all do. Especially now, with George out of work. How much is that? How much is that going to cost? Our washing machine is on it's death kneel. How much is that going to cost?

But then sometimes we don't think about the cost. A friend is sick. Someone needs a ride somewhere. A friend needs help moving. Someone's family needs help. We have all been there. We have all rallied around someone. We know someone who is having surgery or doctors appointments, or who's family member is dying. And, we, the member's of the St. Jude's community are there. We don't think about the cost. We think "what day am I to bring you dinner?" We are a family. St. Judes, you, and I.

Today's Gospel reading is one of my very favs. There are a ton that I love, some that are my favs, and then, there are my very favs. Hey, you gotta start somewhere, right? Today's reading was from Mark 2:1-12. It's the one about the guy on the mat. Basically, Jesus is preaching in a house. To say the house was packed would be an understatement. There were so many people, the door was even blocked. Now, you have this group of friends and one of them is paralyzed. They love their friend *so* much that they climb the roof! Then, the opened up the roof and lowered their friend down on the mat. And, seeing their great faith, Jesus heals their friend. But think about it. I can tell you without a doubt there have been numerous times that my friends have lifted me up on the mat. And, there have been times where I've helped with the lifting. It's what we do. It's what our family does.

One of the songs today was Here I am to Worship. Great song. There was a line in there that got me thinking today. 'I'll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon that cross.' I mean think about it. Over and Over in the bible, God said He paid our ransom. He paid for our sins with Jesus' life.

Chew on this if you will. God loves *you*. He loves *you* so much that He can't bear to be without *you*. And, try this one on for size...Jesus loves *you* so much that He climbed. Let me repeat that. Jesus loves *you* so much that HE CLIMBED on the cross. He went WILLINGLY! He ransomed His life so He could spend eternity with *you*. Now, my friends, *that* is love!

How often do we think of what it cost Him? Sure, sure, we all say we'd give up our lives for our kids, our family, our friends. But, what about our neighbor? What about the weirdo down the street that we don't care to get to know? What about the brown noser at work? Would we give up our lives for them? Jesus did! Yes, I know we are not Him.

With Lent being only two days away, I wanted to give you all some food for thought. And, while I was at Mass today, those two things struck me and I felt compelled to share them with you (the song, and the Gospel). As we prepare ourselves and our wine skins (apparently, two words, not one like in my head, lol) remember that you are worth far more than you could ever imagine. You are loved so much that the Prince of Peace gave His life for you because He loves YOU!

Until next time,
What are you giving up for lent? Let's share shall we!


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