Friday, February 27, 2009

Lent 2009 Day 3

One of my very dear friends wrote to me the other day. Suzanne. Suzanne has a gazillion kids (more like 7) and the penultimate one, Phillip has cancer. They were in the hospital (they still are) and she took time out of her cancer ridden schedule to write to me and to cheer me. The thing that struck me though, was that she mentioned the Gospel reading on Sunday and remembered that it was *my* reading. "Not that you wrote it" she says lol but that it was one of my very favs! That made me feel amazing. That someone with all this stuff going on remembered something that meant a lot to me.

In emailing her back, I talked more about the Gospel and how I mentioned it here a couple days ago. Well, in telling her why I love that particular Gospel so much, the Bob (what I call the Holy Spirit) took over and wrote this amazing review of why I love this particular Gospel so much. I don't think Suzanne will mind me sharing this with you. She rocks like that.

Here it is:

If you read back on my blog on 2-22 I posted about that very reading! It is one of my very favs! Not just b/c it has to do with faith, but it also has to do with friendship. If it were me on the matt, I know I would've protested. I'm a lifter, not a liftee. Being a liftee is hard and humbling and I would have balked and protested for a while before I gave in. But, I would have gave in. But I mean, think about it. Think about the love that the five friends have for each other! There was no 'he's too heavy we need another person'. These were his five closest friends who love him the most. I know this because they were the four who climbed the roof. I bet at least one of them had a fear of heights! And, I'm sure they didn't live right next door. How far do you think they carried their friend? My guess is pretty far.

Now, by this point, I bet their tired. There arms from all the carrying, their legs from all the walking. But they find more strength, from the font of love they have for their friend, and CLIMB to the roof and then use even more strength to lower him down.

Here's what I want to know, you never hear about the friends coming in the house, just 'Matt'. lol get it, I named him Matt cause he was on the matt, lol. I haven't had caffene yet, don't judge me! lol But, I digress, Matt's in the house on the Matt, how much rope did they have? Enough to lower him to the ground or did they have just enough to get him almost to the ground and they had to hold him there suspended in mid air? This I don't know. But I'm thinkin it was enough to get him to the ground b/c Jesus says "rise, take up your matt and walk" So, he had to be able get up and pick up the matt. Pick up, meaning it was on the floor.

I like to think by this time, his friends were off the roof and when Matt came outside, they were waiting for him with open arms.

That's what we do. We lift, we carry, we celebrate. Kind but great exercise program wouldn't you say?

Until next time,
pray for Suzanne, Phillip and their family and all children with cancer.


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