Saturday, February 7, 2009

Not Good

Today was/is a bad day. I've been sick the last two days. Nothin' too serious, just allergies mixed with yet *another* sinus infection.

I went in to work today at 8am. The shift I *hate*. There's way too much work and only one person scheduled. When we get behind, people are suppose to come help. In the evening, it's never a problem, they are more than willing to help. Today, that didn't happen. I wasn't feeling well today and got behind and got no help. Even when I asked for it (not from a mgr, they would've helped). Then, four hours into my shift, I've got a fever, *stomach issues* (that's putting it mildly and being nice), nausea, and a headache. So, they sent me home.

I felt like a failure. I got behind. I couldn't get caught up. I felt, and still feel, just awful. Plus, they have yet to announce the list for the certified trainer spots that interviewed for on Monday. So, I look at today as another reason for the culinary manager not to give me one of the spots. Sigh. I feel he just looks at me at goes 'why did I hire this incompetent bafoon?' Not a good day.

Then, the kids are all insane. My kids. All of them. They are insane and want to take me with them, but I won't let them. They won't shut up. EVER! James and Sarah are fighting constantly. Sarah won't stop screaming and James wont be quiet. He won't stop bugging everyone. He won't mind his own business. Sarah thinks this is her house and she's in charge. I'm half tempted to let her run the house and be in charge. That way I won't have to listen to her, lol. She's extremely bossy. And, that's putting it mildly. Maria's getting over being sick so she's quiet and she's doing all her make up work too.

There's no job in sight for George. Although, this week, he'll be delivering flowers for Valentine's Day. I'm looking for an additional job during the day (if you happen to know of anything, please let me know). The money at OG is good, however, a big chunk of my pay is going to benefits which we need. So, benefits, a plus, the net pay every week, not much. Sigh.

God has a plan, God has a plan, God has a plan. No matter how many times I say that, He's still not telling me what it is, just yet. In His time. I just wish His time was now.

Until next time,
Remember I love you.

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