Monday, February 2, 2009

I don't need to eat

Because I am so filled up today!

First off, MY STEELERS WON! We set numerous records last night with the ultimate being the only team to win SIX superbowls!!! Now, the whole nation knows what I've known my whole life....the STEELERS ROCK!!!

Secondly, I am filled b/c I got to talk STEELERS with my dad this morning! My dad who rarely calls, called me last night (I was working) and called back today. It was such a great call. We may not have much in common, but we have the STEELERS!!!! Yes, it does all boil down to the STEELERS! PLUS, I even found something to like in our President. HE'S A STEELER FAN!!!!

Thirdly, I got to spend the early part of the afternoon back in my beloved burgh by proxy. I called part of my heart, my Sharon and not only got to TALK MORE STEELERS, but got to catch up with her.

Don't get me wrong, Allen, TX is my home. St. Jude's is my home, but Pittsburgh and the STEELERS will always be my home. There is something about calling home talking all things Pittsburgh, hearing the accent from home and talking about THE STEELERS that makes the world all seem right.

I am interviewing for this new position at work today. Rumor is we won't know for a week who or how many are choosen. If it's God's will, GREAT! If not, I'll be a little disappointed, but then I'll just look at my TERRIBLE TOWEL, and know that with God (and MY BELOVED STEELERS) that everything will be okay!

Here's wishing you much SIXCESS (get it, WE WON SIX SUPERBOWLS!) in all you do.

Until next time,
Try not to be too upset that your team didn't fair well this year. And, don't take it personally as I continue to gloat over MY STEELERS in the coming weeks!


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