Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I went to the doctors yesterday. The cardiologist to be exact. This caused me great anxiety. I don't know if it has to do with turning 40 in July. It really shouldn't. But, with George's severance package ending in a few weeks, I want to make sure the entire family makes uses of the awesome health insurance we have through him, versus the indemnity package that I've got.

I was worried b/c I haven't been to the cardiologist in almost two years. Not good, I know. For those of you who are unaware, I have aortic insufficiency (see here Anyways, what if my valves were bad? What if I have to have surgery? This is my heart we're dealing with here. It's the very core of who I am. My mom had two heart attacks in six months (albeit ten years ago) and 5 or 6 stints put in. So, this added to my anxiety.

Well, I went to the cardiologist. Had an eco and an ekg. And they were awesome! First, he wasn't happy that I waited almost two years to come see him. He said that everything looked great! My leakage was the same as before. And, that my valves were great! He said they should last me 20 years. And after 20 years, we have Star Trek! lol He stressed the importance of coming to see him every year as we need to monitor the leakage, but I left there on angel's wings! And, on my way to work, stopped by adoration to say a big thank you!

We talked about my anxiety and panic and how it sets in my chest and I automatically think it's my heart. He understood exactly what I was talking about. So last night, when my anxiety set in as it inevitably does, I was estatic with the knowledge that it wasn't my heart :)

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