Saturday, February 21, 2009

Let me tell you about my day...

Okay, so I had to start work at 8am today. A)not my favorite shift and b)I've been trying to switch to Saturday's at 11. That way it would afford me the luxury of attending my bible study with my lovely All-Star CHRP sisters. C) This shift is not easy to do with just one person as is usually scheduled. I feel constantly behind the 8 ball (the pool ball, not the drug)and always in the weeds.

So, knowing I had this shift today, I was way anxious last night. Then, this morning, I had a panic attack. George calmly listened and tried to calm me down. Which, is a moo point (obscure friends reference). But, I totally appreciated the effort. God, of course was listening and I'm sure He felt bad that His daughter was unhappy. I kept telling George "God has a plan, God has a plan. I don't know what it is yet, but I know He has one!"

Guess what He did for me, His daughter today? First off, when I arrived at 8, not happy, Erma arrived right after I did. Apparently, Thomas, the culinary manager had her come in at 8! Okay, my first reaction was 'yea! help! This is awesome!' My second reaction was 'wait a minute...does Thomas think I suck that bad or did he finally realize this shift needs two people?' Then, I decided, it didn't matter, I had help! Thank you, Dad! As the day went on, we weren't as slammed as we have been on past Saturday's (Thanks, again, Dad!).

Then, panic stricken, I go to talk to Thomas about my schedule. I said a Hail Mary first. I politely, respectfully tell him I need to talk to him about my schedule. I mention that I had talked to him a couple weeks ago about coming in at 11 b/c I have a meeting at church every week. He then says "you didn't say it was every week". I know for a fact I did, and coming out of my passive/aggressive shell, I politely say "Yes, I did". He said "So, you need to come in at 11 and Elena at 8". I say 'yes'. He says 'okay'. That was the end of that! Wow! Thanks, Dad! Now, Elena told me today that she cannot come in every Saturday at 8. I am not worried, that is not my job to figure out. I needed to get my point across that I can come in at 11 not 8, on Saturdays. The point was made. I was proud of myself for remaining calm (even though I was panic stricken).

Then, when my guys came in (my guys being my evening guys whom I work with and we all take care of each other) at 4 today (I got off at 5), Jairo and I talked about Cheddar's (new restaurant perpendicular to OG where a few of us night people applied for day shifts). He said that Elaine, one of the managers, asked him about me (since we both work for OG)if he knew me, etc. He said "I told her how great you are to work with and you are a hard worker". This coming from a guy I've worked with barely two months! Thanks, again, Dad! The guys that I work with on the night shift, Jairo, Guiermo, Ivan, Juan, they are my guys. We help each other, take care of each other, and look out for each other. Don't get me wrong, the other people on the night shift are very nice too. But, they haven't formed the bond that my guys and I have. Even in my own Salad group, I am extremely close to Liz. While the other 4 people on salads are nice, Liz and I have a connection.

Then, there's Pammie, one of the managers. She always, always makes me feel appreciated. Even when she's busy. She sees all I do and how I help out and she always makes it a point to say "thank you for doing blank (fill in the blank) I appreciate you." It's not, I appreciate that. It's I appreciate you. That makes me feel noticed and that the things I do, other than salad/breadsticks, are appreciated.

Haaaaaaaave I told you about Mike, the Culinary Assistant/Certified Trainer? He noticed the desire I have to learn more. So, he's constantly quizzing me on temps and will teach me anything I ask. "What's that? How do you make that?" Very cool. He sees that I want to learn and instead of 'no, you have to wait', will teach me.

Now, it's almost 6pm and I have a half our to get ready because tonight is the St. Jude's annual Winterlude! (Oh, Sharon, I wish you could be here! Might I see you at Monserrat?)

I just wanted to share with all of you how what I thought was going to be a bad day turned out to be beautiful thanks to Dad. It is a great feeling to be so loved!

Until next time,
Tell Dad what's bugging you!


PS. My necklace that I lent one of my favorite people, my CHRP sister, Mary on our weekend, I totally forgot about until yesterday. And, today, when I got home, it was waiting for me, delivered by one of my favorite people in the world (God Bless you Tina Scheckel!) and Mary placed a new charm on it. It said 'Joy'. This was awesome and got me all sorts of choked up. See, My Mary calls me Joy. She wrote me this beautiful letter (Hope you don't mind me sharing, Mary), and in it she called me Joy. What a beautiful end to my day. Thanks, Mary. Thanks, again, DAD!

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