Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lent 2009 Day 7

In the things that are cool post-I was reminded by my Mary, that friends, especially friends that are praying for you are cool! Yup, Mary, you are right, they and you are way cool!

So, I think I'm convinced that life is like bacon.

Let me explain.

I love bacon. No, more than that. I mean I seriously love bacon. I love the smell that wafts through the house as it cooks. Bacon is the ultimate in comfort food. In fact, my favorite breakfast is a egg/plain bagel toasted (not burnt as I sometimes do) with french's yellow mustard (yes, it has to be french's) and bacon. There is nothing better. Actually, there is even a bacon alarm clock. See here: http://www.bookofjoe.com/2007/02/baconcooking_al.html

What I dislike is cooking the bacon. The frying pan takes forever and it sits in the grease. So for years, I've made it in the microwave. You put a few slices between two sheets of paper towels which soaks up the grease and cook one minute for each slice. Not really rocket science. Apparently, after my fiasco this morning, rocket science might be a little easier, lol.

If you cook the bacon too long, it's burnt and there is nothing worse than eating than burnt bacon (liver might be a close second). The other option is getting it out ahead of time and now you've got raw bacon. That is still worse than the liver. I have in the past, in my zeal to eat my bacon, taken the bacon out early only to halfway through the sandwich go "awwwwwwwwwwww man! It's raw!".

So, this morning I go to make my bacon sandwich. I burnt my bagel a little, but with George out of work, I'm not gonna toss a bagel. (that sounds like a weird game 'toss the bagel). You think that would've given me a heads up. So, I put the bacon in the microwave 5 slices, 5 minutes. Still not done. Another minute. Still not done. A minute and thirty, I'm hungry. The meat parts are not raw/not burnt. The fatty parts remained fatty. I pile my bacon onto my burnt bagel with mustard. And go to eat.

Halfway through I'm thinkin, this is a great sandwich, then, I bite into a fatty part. Not so great now. Then, after the sandwich, you can feel the fatty parts just sit in my stomach. Yikes. Too much bacon for the sandwich. Two slices is to little, five is too many. And, I don't have enough bagels, or stomach lining to try this everyday. lol

So, now that you've stuck with me this far. How is life like bacon? Well, it's a timing thing. God's time, my time. With bacon, it's a microwave time, my time thing.

In both cases, I try to hurry it along and end up mucking up the works. If I'd just be patient (go ahead, I'll wait while you have a good laugh)...If I'd just be patient, and let the bacon cook till it's ready, I'd have a great sandwich.

I try to hurry God's time along. "Can't George have a job today?" But His timing is perfect. I'm sure there's some microwave out there that makes bacon in like 30 seconds, but then it's probably like a gazillion dollars. See, I like that God takes care of me and wants the best for me and wants me to grow. I dislike the hard work and the struggles (and I'm sure you all just loooooooooove them!). It's like the bacon. I love the bacon, just hate the cooking. So there you have it. Life is like bacon. Wonderfully delicious! So, I guess God is telling me I have to work on my patience. ~Sigh~ Why couldn't it be something easier, y'know, like painting the Sistene Chapel or something!

Until next time,
Have some bacon with your lunch :)

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