Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lent 2009-Day ?

What day is it? I know Lent isn't over b/c I haven't eaten out and Easter isn't here yet! lol

I am still alive! I haven't gone anywhere, well, except to work, lol!

I have lots to tell, but no time so here are some tidbits to get you through your day:

~no one at Cheddar's can believe I'll be 40 in July. They think late 20's! While I'd like to think this is due to God and my Mary Kay products (thanks Kim!) I think it's more of the fact that my inner child who's now about 12, rules!

~Just like every pregnancy is the same, but every pregnancy is different, the training at Ched's is the same as OG, but different. Yesterday was all about sanitation. Great googly-moogly! I could have taught most of the class (most of the stuff I learned from Dr. P).

~I've gotten closer to my OG friends by working with them at Ched's!


~I have not seen Carol *forever* :(

~I have barely talked to Tina, except for like 5 whole minutes. You laugh, but we call each other like 19 times a day! It was 20, but we cut back.

~I miss my Dr. P friends terribly.

~I can tell you most of Ched's menu at this point (except for the salads).

~I know just about all the burgers by heart.

~I am *tired*.

~I forgot I have to lean on God.

~I miss my Julie time terribly! You inspire me daily, Julie and I love you MORE! hee hee hee. I love how He uses you to remind me of lots of stuff. Especially, that I am loved.

~George's severance ends today.

~If you need any OTC medications, we now have about $400 worth of tylenol, advil, band-aids in the house thanks to the end of our flex-spending! I tried to get tequila, but they said 'no'. Hey, for 'medicinal' purposes! It's an antiseptic! A little on the cut, a little down the hatch, a little on the burn, a little down the hatch! Crikies, I think they were on to me!

~I haven't been sleeping too well. Last night, I dreamt that my brother came home from Iraq and was actually happy to see me. That's how I know I was dreaming. That, and the helicopter, lol.

~Carolina, is it wrong to use the Benadryl brownie recipe for me so I can get some sleep? lol

~Have a wonderful day!

Until next time,
Ched's opens next Monday. So, for all of my loving friends who so kindly ask for me at the OG during the day while I work at night, I can probably come out to see you during the day at Ched's!

Love you All!

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