Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lent 2009 Day ?

So, I survived my big week! And the good news is that I only had to work both jobs only two days! They were two days in a row, but I did it!

The coolest thing about Ched's is the paper towel dispensers. They're the automatic kind. And, *every*, yes, *every* time I wave my hand in front of them, I say "I am a jedi!" and automatically a paper towel comes out! Now, my friend J4 (that's her nickname) likes to say "Use the force" or "the force is strong with this one" but I love "I am a Jedi!" Hey, you've gotta find the joy, right Mary? That's what I've been telling people all week! lol

I've made some cool new friends and enjoy working with most of the OG crew who came over. This week is opening week so I figure after the next couple weeks, things should thin out. Most of the managers are pretty cool a couple of them have told me they've heard good things about me already! WOOHOO!

I got to talk to my Dr. P friends today and that *always* makes me happy!

I got to spend some time with Tina tonight which I was really happy about but I was so exhausted! So, I didn't get too much time, but just enough :)

Yesterday I got to talk to my Carol for a while before work started and then later in the day. It was so great catching up with her! She totally rocks!

Julie, thank you so much for your inspirational emails! They are such a gift and always come at the right time!

I am exhausted so, I'm going to get some sleep.

Until next time,
Call your friends you haven't talk to in a while. They miss you!

PS. Let's all call Sharon in PA and leave her tons of we miss you messages! Maybe she'll move back!

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