Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lent 2009-Day 8

It's almost midnight. I am tired. So, why you ask am I not in bed yet? Good question. A) I am hungry, b) I'm not sleep tired, c) no clue.

I had a fairly good day today. I was going to get my legs waxed for the first time today. Was, being the operative word. I like to think that I'm not against trying new things (except crocks. That's just never gonna happen, Tina, at least not in public, lol). So, last week when Tina got her legs waxed I got to tag along (oy the fun we have!). So, I told her I'd try it once, when the monkey's came back. Sadly, I will admit, I am too tired, and too lazy to shave my legs unless the monkey's appear. Where was I, oh, fairly good day. Got it. Took two out of three kids to the dentist for cleanings (Sarah goes Friday). Turns out my dental insurance is better than the one we had with George! Way to go OG! Not exactly sure about the medical yet. Every time I try to register online, it says 'not a valid group #' even though I am reading it correctly, with my new classes on! So, I shot hr an email. Hopefully, they'll email tomorrow. And, in the grand scheme of things, I figured I'd put off having hot wax poured on my legs and then ripped off. I think I'll save that for another day!

I got to talk to my Carol today! I miss hanging out with her. Having two best friends who know and love me so well is awesome. That means there's always someone available to listen to me complain and tell baaaaad jokes ( a midget walks into a bar and says "ow!" Don't blame me, I got that one at work last night!) It is always great connecting with Carol. I've realized though that I can't go very long without talking to her. It makes it seem like something is missing in my soul. There is a connection there, from her to me. From my family to hers. She's been busy getting ready for open house at rainbow day's and being a wife and a mom. She rocks on all accounts!

One of the reasons I'm up is George. He's been so sweet these last couple days. He is currently at Kroger getting me ice cream. I don't like ice cream. Let me rephrase that. I am not addicted to ice cream. I like it every once in a while. Carol and George will attest that I am the goop person, not the ice cream person. The ice cream is just a holder for the goop.

A couple weeks ago, we went to Braum's after the Winterlude and I tried Cake Batter Ice Cream. It was pure heaven! I'm at the tail end of pmsing so I grant myself little 'indulgences' for my 'health', my husbands sanity, and my kids happiness. So tonight on the way home from RE (I don't think I'll ever get use to not calling it CCD!) I stopped off at Braum's with a way to have my ice cream and circumvent my giving up eating out for lent sacrifice. Braum's is like a grocery store. If I buy the ice cream in the carton it's the same as going to Kroger's! A-HA! Unfortunately, it wasn't there, so I went to ask at the counter thinking they could tell me if they had some. Turns out they don't even have it over there anymore GASP! At this point, I was getting a headache and too tired to go to Kroger's and I just went home. So, my loving husband, at midnight, has made a trek to Kroger's so I can have some ice cream.

Still no jobs yet for George. God has a plan. This walk has us raw with emotions, expectant with hope, and encompassed in His love.

George is home with my ice cream. He even found cake batter flavor. Am I blessed or what?! Tomorrow is another day off for me, but I'm going in to fill in for a guy I work with. I could use the hours. And, then next week I start training at Cheddar's.

Oh, btw-I got a clean bill of health on my mammogram! Yea!

I'm gonna try to get some sleep now.

Until next time,
Life is like ice cream and the goop. It's not about the ice cream, it's the goop we put on top. Life is the ice cream and the friends are the goop on top!


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