Sunday, March 1, 2009

Things that are cool

~ Seeing a kid (he's got to be at least 20) I work with at OG in the communion line at St. Jude's.

~ Finding out Pammie, my fav manager from the OG goes is Catholic and goes to St. Gabriel's in McKinney.

~ Hearing "Where have you been? I haven't seen you in forever!" After having three days off in a row.

~ Starting a new lenten tradition of Friday dinner and Rosary with Tina.

~ Phone time with my Carol whom I haven't seen in *forever*

~ Getting a super big hug after Mass from my dear friend Suzanne whom I haven't seen in *forever*.

~ My son's deep voice, big hands, and height. Notice, I did not say hair. I am not a big fan of his hair, lol.

~ My dad and Sarah giving me a washer.

~ My husband installing a washer!

~ George's new contacts!

~ God reminding me that He is *always* here for me.

~ God.

~ St. Jude's.

~ My family.

Until next time,
What's on your cool list?

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