Monday, March 16, 2009

Opening Day!


Today is opening day at Cheddar's! I am *so* excited!!!

I was so excited last night that even as tired as I was after working OG, I didn't fall asleep until after 3! I even tried the celestial seasonings sleepytime tea (ick flavor!) and it didn't work! lol Btw- celestial kinda means heaven or space right? Yea, that tea didn't taste anything like I think heaven would have! When I was little (like 5 or 6 maybe) I remember having a distinct conversation with my Mema. I happen to be eating one of my favorite foods at the time Pillsbury Farina. The one with the baby on the box. It has to be the one with the baby on the box. The other one just didn't taste the same. They still make it, but you have to buy it by the case. I know, I checked. And, while I love it, I don't love it a case full. You know what I'm saying?

Anywhoo, I digress. The conversation was on heaven (how I got there I have no clue) but I asked her what you eat in heaven and my Mema said we could eat anything we wanted and my reply was "you mean I can have farina and cucumbers all I want!? lol No, not together, but as a kid, those were my two favorite foods! lol

Yesterday was the most perfect day! There is no way today could be any better! First off, I started the day talking to one of my very favorite people whom I miss so much~Mary Branson! We talked for a good hour and I would've kept talking (no surprise there! lol) but I had to get ready for church. Which leads me to the second cool part of my day.

While talking to Mary, a teen from lifesavers imed me on facebook and asked if I could take her to Mass with me! Are you kidding me!? A teen, who wants to go to Mass! Heck yea! Which leads me to the third cool part of my day.

I get to Mass, get in the pew, and I see my beloved choir. So, I go over to Mike Howard to say "hello". I give him a hug and tell him how much I miss him and singing. He invites me to sing, and when I balk b/c I didn't go to practice, one of my friends asks me to sing and shows me the songs. Not only were they ones I know, but they were my favs! So, I got to SING yesterday! It was like God saying "I haven't heard you sing for me in a while, come, sing!" WOOHOO

Now, as I'm singing one of my fav songs (Better is one day, Rescue)I felt so unbelievable loved at that point. More love than I have felt in I don't know how long. Not the family love, or the friend love. I can't really explain it. But it was an all encompassing love. And, in that moment when I was singing to MY God, MY Dad, I said "If you need to take me home today, it is okay b/c I am blessed and I am loved!" Needless to say, He didn't take me home yet (yea! For some reason, I am much braver in church! lol While I am there, I am happy to go home. When I leave those doors, not so much! lol). Then, after Mass, I had to get ready for work which brings me to the fourth cool part of the day!

I got to see a few of my friends whom I haven't seen in a while! And, the mgr whom I think doesn't like me made us strawberry shakes and pizzas! (Not together!) I was lamenting to noser that I can't figure out why he doesn't like me. "I'm nice, I'm fun, I'm a hard worker!" Noser agreed on all counts! Even last week, she said I had a serving heart like Jesus! I thanked her and told her it was just that I am a middle child and have this inherent need to please! lol I'm working on the compliment thing. Seriously, if she knew what a sinner I was, I doubt she'd say the word Jesus in a sentence with me unless it had the word smite in it! lol I look at it this way, I am not perfect. Go ahead, I know your shocked. Take a second to take that one in. lol I am so not perfect. Therefore, I like to say, if I'm breathing, I am sinning. Jesus however, and Mary for that matter, didn't sin. I am not them. Some days, though, I try to be. It's HARD! Sometimes I get so caught up in my spiritual side I forget about other stuff. Then other times, I get caught up in my life, work, family, friends, I forget about my spiritual side, and some days, both sides duke it out. This is why I am not a gymnast! God did not bless me with coordination. I am not good with balance! But, hey, I'm working on it!

Speaking of which...

I should have been in the shower fifteen minutes ago! lol Suffice it to say, work was fun last night! Oh, and work was the fifth fun thing yesterday! The fourth was I got to talk to George's Dad whom I ADORE! It was weird, through most of the conversation, I kept wanting to ask "so how's mom been?" or "where's mom?" This happens occasionally, and to date, I've been able to catch myself. I am not looking forward to the day when I don't and it pops out. See, I actually DO sometimes think before I speak! I know yunz guys don't think so, but I do SOMETIMES! lol

So, now it's 8:47am on a dreary Monday morning in Allen, TX. The weather is promising sunny and 77 so we will see! The one thing I learned at Ched's last week is that my mood is all attitude. I can choose to be in a good mood. Even if I don't feel like it. So, you guys know me. What do you think I chose today?

Final thought...

Last night at work as I was cleaning I stopped smiling for a minute and my face hurt. I realize I had been smiling most of the day. Not a bad problem to have. And, that's when I remembered that attitude line from Cheddar's and I thought. You know, some days it's just so hard to wear that smile all day! But I will! Almost three months ago, when George was laid off, I said "I trust in God. He has a plan! I then said "if George doesn't get a job by March, as me how my trust level with God is then!" So, here we are in March. George has no job. How is my trust level with God today? I trust in Him. He *is* my portion. A constant friend is He. (to borrow the line from one of His songs). I know He has a plan. I don't know what it is. But, I'm trusting in Him. I mean come on! The guy performed a miracle~my dad bought me a washer! If He can do that, I'm not too worried! Note, I said I'm not *too* worried. I am human, and therefore,I worry a little ;p

Until next time,


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