Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cause you got to have friends....

I have a small group of friends whom I love and adore. Over the past year I have become quite close with a few others whom I so love and adore.

I'd like to tell you about one such friend. I have known her for a few years. Enough to see her in the halls at church and say "hi". But I didn't *know* her. Then, a few weeks ago we went on the Rockin C retreat and she and I got closer. We are also in the St. Mark's CRHP together. And, through these Tuesday evenings we have gotten to know each other very well.

Last night was our regular Tuesday meeting and I had a rough time sharing some prayers that were on my heart. Mainly, Mom. After prayer time, she motioned across the room for me to come over to her. I did, and she put her arm around me and took me for a walk. The nature of the walk and our conversation I will not share. A) because it is between me and my friend, and b) because it is a moment in time that I cherish that I want to keep selfishly to myself. Each of my friendships are special in so many different ways. From Carol who loves me unconditionally no matter what, to Kim who loves me not just in spite of my goofiness, but b/c of it to Tina (Myers) who makes me laugh till I snort, to the others whom I hold just as close. This particular relationship is special to me b/c she doesn't let people in readily and for some reason saw something in me and said "hey, I think I'll let her in." In our short friendship we have laughed together and we have cried together. The great thing about our relationship is that there is no end. I can't wait to watch our friendship grow!

Carolina, you are a true gift from God and I am blessed beyond all measure that He brought us together! I love you :)

Until next time,
Call and old friend, make a new one, and make yourself laugh! I keep myself in stitches!!


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