Saturday, November 8, 2008

I am home

So, I stopped by the craft fair yesterday. I like going and seeing all the neat stuff. I always see a few items I would like for me, but usually it's stuff for my friends. "oooh, my Carol would like this! Look, a butterfly for Tina!" But with funds being as they are I was just window shopping. Today, I went to the fair as a volunteer in the kitchen. It was *way* cool.

The great thing about the craft fair is I get to see people that I don't have the opportunity to since I've started working. I can't tell you the joy I derived from going behind the tables of a few booths of people I haven't seen in forever and get these really big gigantor hugs. And if that weren't enough, there was a lot of "I miss you! I *so* miss you. It is *so* good to see you!" St. Jude's is definitely good for my ego! lol

I really needed this weekend at the fair. Seeing all these people, getting all these hugs I have felt so loved! I think we tend to take each other for granted. We take our friendships and relationships for granted. And we are all going so fast, that we needs these reminders to stop, rewind, and take a break. God is talking to us through others. He's letting us know that we are loved. That He misses us. That He wants us to spend time with our friends and with Him. He gave us these friendships and we need to nourish them.

St. Jude's is my home. It's not just my parish. It is my home. I have laughed there. Cried there. Gotten angry there. worked there. Slept there. Confessed my sins. Laid it all bare there. I have spent time with my mother there. I have spent time with my father there. I have celebrated and mourned there. I have gained friendships there. I have strengthened friendships there. I have gained a family there. A heavenly family and an earthly family. There is no pretense there. No matter what mood I am or how I am feeling, when I walk onto the grounds I am at peace, I am home. I am loved.

Until next time,
Remember, I love you deeply.

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