Wednesday, November 5, 2008


What ever happened to the after school specials? You remember them? The tv shows on 'after school' that taught us never to get in a car with a stranger, not to play with matches, to just say no, and that really, not everyone is 'doing it'!

Clearly, we need to write to some tv station somewhere. Albeit it cheesy, I didn't play with matches, talk to strangers, get in anyone's car or try drugs.

My kids, while mostly good are going to drive me back to therapy at an alarming rate. James is 14. He is testing his boundaries and my patience (or lack thereof) and my limits. Then there is Maria and Sarah, 12 and 11 respectively. So far we just have minor school issues with them, friend issues and occasionally major drama queen issues with the resident drama queen, Sarah. I don't know how I am going to make it through their teen years. How many other parents who came before me survived, I will never, ever know. While I wasn't the perfect kid, I didn't do anything nearly as off the charts as my kids. And technically, I should be happy my children aren't as bad as Cain and Able or Jacob and Esau.

In my defense, I am pmsing. I am out of chocolate. And, I am out of my chocolate milano cookies. ~sigh~ Calgon take me away!!! The sad part about calgon is that as a mom you can't even enjoy it. Say you get a minute to take that relaxing bath. It only lasts 20 minutes and those twenty minute are filled with the screams of the needs of the spawns of my loins from the rooms below. Clearly the woman on the commercial had a maid or a nanny or stepford children who left her alone so she could enjoy said relaxing bath. I have none of those things. And truth be told, the stepford kid thing would freak me out. Although the maid thing I could get use to!

Until next time,
Hug your kids, pray for me and mine, and enjoy this beautiful weather!

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