Wednesday, March 14, 2012

1/3 down, 2/3rds to go!

Three guesses where I was this morning...

I wasn't in my comfy bed.  No, I was at my biweekly boot camp.  I decided what I hate most about boot camp, it's the night before.  I don't sleep well (I don't sleep well normally but worse these days).  I'm afraid I'm going to oversleep, miss my alarm, and not show up.  Unless I am reaaaaaaaaallly sick, my butt is there.

This morning, we went back to the roof.  No worries, I got this.  Being zombie food, you think I would work at running faster.  But being out of shape as I am (not as much as I was before) and having arthritis in my knees, running is not one of my favorite activities.  I like to tell some of my friends that if zombies chase us, I'm tripping them.  I realize that's no longer an option.  The only option left is to play dumb so they think I'm stupid and don't have a brain and just keep going, lol.  But, run/speed walk I did.  I run/speed walk up ramp, on roofs, while carrying 8 pound balls.  I run/speed walk while passing said balls to another person back and forth.  I run/speed walk with tires.  Tires above my head, carrying tires in front of me.  Yuck, yuck, yuck.  But I do it.

During the last two weeks, I've learned that the things I started out hating, I now like (tires, ramps, roof).  I learned that the hardest part of boot camp is getting there.  I learned that the person I'm competing against is myself.  I've learned that I'm getting in shape.  It may not feel like it during boot camp, but my 'I'm going to throw up' threshold has gotten further and further into the hour.  That in and of itself makes me happy.  I give it my all, every single time.  And, at the end of every class, I hate the coach.  I tell coach Steve today at the end that it's not a good class if I don't hate him by the end! lol  I think that's a good barometer, no?  I will say this, it's a good thing George's car knows the way home, because at the end of each class, it takes great effort for me to drive home. lol

So, here I sit, my bum sore, as well as my arms and my core and every other part of my body, but again, I am blissfully happy.  I love starting my day with boot camp.  I love the feeling of accomplishment that while most of Allen is asleep, I am kicking butt (my own) and taking names.  I love that I am challenging myself.  I love that I am making new friends.  I love my coaches.  There just isn't enough words to express just how happy boot camp and the studio have made me.

Until next time,
What makes you happy?  Make yourself happy.  You can't expect anyone else too :D

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