Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The end of an inning

Know what three up, three down mean?  The end of an inning (It's a baseball reference from Good Morning Vietnam).

So today is officially three weeks down of boot camp.  Three more to go.  You know, coach Steve was talking this morning about reasons how we all have different reasons for coming to boot camp.  And, on the way home I started thinking about it.  The main question I get about boot camp is what made me sign up?  So, I really thought about it.  The boot camp answer was the easiest answer.  Answering why I joined the fit & fierce 12 week program 10 1/2 weeks ago is a different one.  Let's start with the easy one.  I joined boot camp a) because it was only six weeks and b) because I figured it would give me a huge push at the end of the fit & fierce challenge.  Now for the harder answer.  The stock answer I give everyone, even people at the studio on the day I signed up is because I'm too young to have arthritis in my knees.  But, pondering the answer this morning, that's not really why.

I can't put my finger on it.  I can't tell you that while I was stuffing my face with pizza from Joe's Italian Bistro (YUM!) that I got disgusted with myself, because I didn't.  I can't tell you that it was December 31st and I had yet to make a resolution for the new year.  That wasn't it either.  There was no ah-ha moment.  No, it's time to do this.  Nothing.  Simply put, I signed up because of Bob (for those of you new to the blog Bob is the Holy Spirit.  He and I are on a first name basis :)  I signed up because one day, all of a sudden I just felt compelled to sign up.  Sort of.  I had been looking at the website for a while.  Weeks.  I figured I'd start out with a class or two.  Then, I saw them announcing the fit & fierce competition and knew it was something I just had to do.  Then, boot camp came along.  How could I say no?

Today was one of the hardest boot camp days I've had.  And, again, I loved every second of it.  Even though I told coach Steve I hated him (I really don't, but in the heat of the moment and pain...yup).  Coach Steve is awesome.  Not only does he have a full time job and works a gazillion hours there, he shows up twice a week for us boot campers.  How can you not love a guy with that much dedication!  Today was hard for so many reasons:  Medicine ball, running, tires, weights and my new favorite that I hate...ropes!  See, you tie the rope to your 12 pound weight.  Then you tie the other end of the rope around yourself.  Then, you run up the ramp pulling the weight.  At first it's not so bad.  Then, it kills.  Sure, it's only 12 pounds, but like I said to coach Steve, "Hey, I'm pulling 179 behind me too!" lol  Yes, that's how much I weigh now.  I started the fit & fierce competition at 196.  When I got home today I was so happy.  I walked in the kitchen and went to take my medicine and my hands were dirty.  All I could do was smile.  They were dirty from the tire.  They were dirty from the asphalt.  They were dirty from all the hard work.  I was blissfully happy.  See, I'm the type of person that needs results along the way.  And, sure, the scale moves occasionally, but my body has been moving and reshaping itself.  And, the dirty hands are just another sign that I'm changing.

I got the best compliment this morning.  My friend Danielle says something to the effect that she came because she knew I'd be here and that I never miss a class.  That made me feel so good.  I'm glad she came.  She's one of my favorite people :D  I also told her what I told my friend Emily...first off, I paid for this, so how can I not come and secondly, I have all these other people there who show up and 'I was too tired' is just not a good enough excuse to not go.  So, I will continue to show up for the last three weeks.  For the glorious last 6 classes.  And, I know I will be a mix of sad and elated that it's over.

Here's what I've been wondering myself.  What's next?  The fit & fierce competition is over in a week and a half.  Boot camp is over in three weeks.  What will I do next?  I thought about boxing.  Looks like we'll be having those classes in April.  But I don't know yet if it's something I'd like to do.  I know I will continue with my Zumba with Lori!!  Those make my week.  While it is my favorite class, everything I do there from Zumba to chisel to boot camp make my week.  I will continue pushing on and pushing myself and getting stronger.  I love the studio.  All of the instructors.  Teresa is just a fireball.  She and coach Steve as well as the other coaches are so supportive.   Pilates with Amy.  Please, there is nothing better.  Between Pilates with Amy and Chisel with Teresa you will not find a better more jam pack 30 minutes where you want to die and feel awesome simultaneously!  Zumba with Teresa is great.  I just am not there yet.  Zumba with Lori, that's me time.  That's my time to dance and dance and sweat.  It's my time just to be and I couldn't be happier.  Lori has rules for newbies which are a) modify what you need to b) have fun) and c) smile!   My favorite part of the class is when I leave and I am just dripping with sweat.  I know I worked hard :D

For those of you sitting on your couch wondering if you can do it too, you can.  If I can do it, you can do it! And (especially for my guru Sharon) I may be the slowest, but I'm lapping everyone on the couch!  You got this!

Until next time,
Please say prayers for two friends sons and one friends husband. And, my husband too.


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