Thursday, March 22, 2012

God is like GE

He brings good thing to life!  He's actually better than GE.

That thought occurred to me this morning as I was having my peanut time.  I was going through my bible looking for something to chew on.  Something to carry with me through the day that I could go back too.  Just one sentence.  I looked in Acts, 1&2 Peter, and others.  Everything I read was all about my light being extinguished.  One of my favorite scriptures talks about not hiding your lamp under a bushel but letting it shine for all to see (forgive me I don't know where it is in the bible, but it's in there).  Then the more I thought about it being extinguished, it occurred to me that our light is like a light bulb.

Show of hands how many replace a light bulb in a room immediately?  Okay, now how many are like me and think 'well, there's three other bulbs in the ceiling, I'll replace it later'?  Currently, in my family room, there are four lights in the ceiling.  Only three of them have working bulbs.  The ceiling fan has four lights, only one has a bulb in it.  My light is like that.  How about yours?  There are times like my retreat where I put in a new bulb and my light is just shining bright as can be.  When I'm with my new bible study friends, bunco, zumba, and yes, even work sometimes...the light is just shining.  Then, there are times when the light starts to dim.  My kids get to me, work, the outside world, etc.  And, not only does it dim, sometimes the light actually burns out.  Not completely though.  There's always that little flicker of light that stays.

So I was thinking this morning.  I'm glad the flicker always stays.  I cannot imagine life without even the littlest of flickers of light.  Sure, I need to replace the bulb more often, but that's what life is all about right?  A good friend will help you light your candle, a great friend will help you change your light bulb!  And, thanks to all of you, I am richly blessed by those who will help me change my light bulb, even when I am content to sit in the dark with just a small flicker.  Yes, I changed my light bulb last weekend and it is still shining bright.  Yet, I cannot wait until next of my great light bulb changing, spiritual guru friends of mine and I are going to Montserrat to bask in the light and word of God.  I cannot wait! 

Let me help you change your light bulb.

Until next time,
Please pray for the repose of the soul of my dear friend Sheila who past away yesterday afternoon.


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