Sunday, March 4, 2012

I know I'm weird to begin with, but if I could have any body, it would be my own.  Mine, or Kim Burts.  I want my own because it's riddled with laugh lines.  It has major stretch marks from my children.  It has marks from a few jobs I've held.  It has a scar or two from surgeries from when I was born.  It has a tattoo on my ankle from a very bad relationship.  All these lines, marks, and scars have formed me into who I am.  Sure, I want to be 125 and have my body a size3/5 and have the tiny butt I had when I was a teenager and they looked so adorable in my Pepsi jeans.  Do you remember PEPSI JEANS?!  But I don't want to loose all my marks and scars.  And, even when the weight finally goes, it will still take me a while to get rid of some of the weight from the baggage that I carry around.

Ten weeks ago, I ventured into the unknown and out of my comfort zone.  I joined the Fit & Fierce challenge at Leading Cast Rhythm & Fitness as part of my new years resolution.  It's a twelve week program where I was planning on losing weight.  During these last ten weeks, I've lost 18 pounds so far.  I've lost clothes sizes.  I've lost part of my shyness in unfamiliar territory.  I've gained the me who was lost for so long.  I've gained most of my self confidence back.  If I was happy before, now, I'm deliriously so.  I've gained not just knowledge about nutrition, but about myself, but I gained great, lasting friendships.  I gained me back.

When I first ventured into the unknown in this challenge, I wondered how much price gouging was there going to be?  Buy these supplements for this part of your body, buy these powders and bars.  We have our own line of clothing, etc.  It never happened.  The studio is not about making money.  There is no price gouging.  There's not even a contract to sign when you join.  If it's not about making money, it isn't about weight loss either.  What kind of gym is this!  Sure, they want to make money and they'll cheer you on as you loose weight, but it's about being/getting healthy.  It's about being the best you, you can be.  Better than the Army.  These people care about you.  On the first day of the challenge, I was being measured, and when Teresa was measuring my thighs, I said they were my sequoias.  She said "that's why you're here".  And, so far, at last measurement, I lost an inch of my thighs!  They're on there was to being mighty oaks instead of sequoias! lol

I've found that I need to go to the studio.  I find that even on my worst days, once I go to the studio, I feel blissfully happy.  It's not about talking with friends.  If you can talk during a zumba class, you're doing it wrong!  I work out the frustration of the day, of my family, of the kids, of it all.  It really bums me out when I have to miss a class.  Between kids activities, family, friends and the like, it's hard to chose me over them, and that's exactly what I'm doing.  It's easy on the days when the kids are workin my last nerve and I say I'm going to the studio.  It's different when I'm at a bowling match with my older two and not at the class where I want to be.  I want to be at both places.  This past Friday, I had a huge headache that just wouldn't go away.  I had to stay home from Zumba.  I was sad.  Very sad, but the music which I love (FUA FUA FUA) and all the exercise would not help my head.  So, later in the evening, when feeling a bit better, I hopped on facebook and there was a message from Lori, my favorite Zumba instructor saying how she missed me that evening.  I looked at George and I showed him.  This place noticed I wasn't there.  All the other people were there, and I was missed.  It wasn't money either.  It's not a pay as you go place where if that were written, I'd feel 'oh, they missed my money'.  It made me feel loved.

What kind of place is this!  No price gouging, no supplements, and the actually care?  They care more about me being healthy than losing weight.  They don't balk when I say I don't like certain foods.  In short, this is heaven.  In the past ten weeks, I've learned so much about myself (and nutrition).  I learned I love green beans.  ME, green beans.  I'm trying new foods.  This week, it's kale!  I bought kale yesterday!  We're having it for dinner tonight!  And, cauliflower.  I actually put cauliflower in my cart and bought and paid for it myself.  On purpose!  lol  This is the greatest gift I have given myself.  And, that my husband has given me.  He sees the changes in me.  He doesn't balk when I go to the studio.  In fact, some days, he says I need to be careful or just rest so I don't push myself too hard.  My kids and George are my biggest champions.  Them and of course my Coach Angela.  She is amazing.  And, when I tell her of my pipe dream goal weight by my birthday, she laughs and says that's not healthy.  I'll get there, just not by my birthday.  We'll do it together.  With each new food I try, each pound lost, each burpee or push up added, they are cheering me the whole way.

Whats next you ask?  Well, I only have two weeks left in the challenge and I've learned that I like a good challenge so, starting this Monday, I will be doing a boot camp twice a week at 5:30 in the morning!  Yes, I'm crazy, but this should not be news at this point. 

And, finally who is Kim Burt and why do I want her body.  Well, first off, she is my friend.  She is incredibly beautiful both inside and out.  And because her body is just sick (in a good way!).  So amazingly beautiful!

So while I'm keeping up with my resolutions (I'm even flossing now!) I've changed for the better and I could not be happier.

Until next time,
Come Zumba with me!


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