Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Two down, ten to go.

Aka I am Jell-O.
Aka I am insane.
AKA Why do I hate myself.
AKA Good Lord it is dark at 5 in the  morning.

Today was day two of boot camp.  I wasn't as tired as I was Monday which is a good thing, I think.  All I wanted was to not go back on the roof.  I don't care what we do, just no roof.  NO ROOF TODAY WOOHOO!

Here's what I did today.  Twenty burpees.  I couldn't jump over the bar, so I walked over it.  Tire flips, tire pulls, dips, push ups, squats and I can't remember what else.  Here's what I love about boot camp...everything.  I love/hate it all mutually.  It's a great group of people, so very supportive.  I didn't think I was going to finish today.  I had a Charlie horse at one point.  I wanted to throw up.  I almost cried (too tired I think lol).  But, there was Coach A and a bunch of others cheering me on to finish the tire pulls up the ramp.  And, I finished.  I am proud of me.  It's great to hear my group cheer me on and tell me how proud of me they are (and George.  He's my biggest cheerleader).  More important though, is being proud of myself.  Sure, the group sees me trying.  They don't hear what's inside my head.  Here's a glimpse...
     "This is hard.  This really hurts.  Why am I doing this again?  I got this.  I can do this.  Just think how I'll look six weeks from now!  Hurry up, they're waiting on you so they can go home!  Screw the last fifty pounds.  I want a burger!  ARG"  Yes, I am part pirate.  As you see, it's part cheering me on and part why bother.  So, I love the fact that the coaches will not let me quit.  So, while I am not proud of what is going on in my head, I am proud that I finished out the hour.  And, I will finish every hour.  After all, I only have ten more to go.  I can do this :D

Next up for the day, work, then ZUMBA WITH LORI!!!!  Oh, and in between, 30 more burpees.

Until next time,
Cheer yourself on, whether it's finishing a report, doing the dishes, or exercising.  I'm proud of you!


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