Monday, March 12, 2012

Three down, nine to go!

I spent the weekend at an amazing retreat with little sleep (that will be it's own blog entry later!).  I was so over tired, I just wanted sleep last night.  However, it eluded me.  Then, at around 1:30am my daughter called from California.  She's on a high school band trip.  So, not a lot of sleep, 4:40am came way to soon.

I make it to boot camp this morning and finally get to meet Steve.  I say 'please no roof, please no roof''.    He says there will be roof.  I sigh.  We make it up to the roof and my day begins.  We run.  We run more.  We run with weight balls (8 pounds).  As I am running with my ball, on the roof, I realize how much I hate running.  I realize, were there to be a zombie on the roof, he would get me first.  We do more drills and such and I am having a great time.  I am sucking in lots of air.  I am breathing heavy, but I am having the time of my life.  I conquered the roof, thanks to daylight savings time, more working lights, or just a really bright moon.  It doesn't matter.  The point is, the roof doesn't bother me anymore.  Fear of the roof, conquered!

We go down to the ramp.  We grab tires and for fun, sandbags!  My first time with a sandbag.  I have a love/hate relationship with my tire.  The sandbag isn't my favorite, but I do it.  We do tire pulls.  I hate tire pulls.  I'm going to throw up over tire pulls.  However, I am smart and don't eat anything before I go to boot camp, not even my medicine.  I know I'm going to want to throw up at some point.  This boot camp must be working because I don't want to throw up till much later in the boot camp.  Progress!  I slow up on the tire pulls.  Everyone else is on to something else, but I don't give up.  I make it to the top of the ramp and finish my tire pull!  What helped?  I'll tell you, Steve.  At one point in the morning he tells me I have heart and he likes that.  So, as I'm doing my tire pulls the noise in my head that usually is 'you can't do this' all of a sudden becomes 'you can do this' and from the movie Rudy a lot of "Rudy!  Rudy!  Rudy!"  Rudy was small and scrappy and he had heart too.  Plus, I'm not a quitter.  It may take me a little longer, but I am no quitter.  And, the main reason, my boot camp friends.  They are so awesome.  They cheer me on.  They say I'm doing good, or I got this.  They ask me if I'm okay.  99% of the time, I cannot answer as I am sucking wind, I just give a thumbs up.  I am okay.  They are what keeps me going.

Even this morning, when I'm dead tired, I knew I had to show up.  I made a commitment, I needed to follow through.  I have to show the tire whose boss and that it won't get the best of me.  Then, as we are finished, I ask Steve if it's okay that I feel like I want to cry after every boot camp.  He says that means I'm giving everything I've got.  He's got that right.

These Boot camps are a highlight of my week.  Yes it's early.  Yes, it's painful.  Yes, at times I want to pass out, but I don't.   My goal with the boot camp is to finish it.  I've got 4 1/2 more weeks to go.  I got this.

Until next time,
What's your roof?  Face one of your fears today.  You got this!

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