Monday, September 29, 2008

I can't be the only one...

Okay...I love my kids. I'd give my life for them. I adore them. They are amazing creatures. But then, there are days where they are just creatures.

I cannot be the only one this happens to. Today has been an exceptionally creepy day in kidville. James stayed home 'sick'. But yet he was fine enough to watch tv, but not do the dishes. Hmmmm. Maria, she's okay today. Sarah, "MomcanIcallMegansheemailedmedidyouseetheemailIsentyouguesswhathappenedatschooltoday?" The child needs to breathe. It is days like today that I miss my xanex. Okay, so I'm pmsing and that makes things TONS worse. This I am aware of. But is five minutes to myself that much to ask for? You know it's bad when they knock on the bathroom door to come in and talk to me and my response is "You can come in if you plan on wiping me. You've gotta learn for when I'm living with you." That keeps them at bay at least for three minutes. This works if I'm just hiding in my bathroom with a magazine, a beer, or the remnants of my sanity.

I love my kids, but seriously, how do you guys survive those moments? Tonight I am surviving by eating gobbs and gobbs of Dove Dark chocolate (five pieces are five points on weight watchers) (I think I used up my weekly allotted points on chocolate alone tonight, lol).

Remember, we're in this together. I remind myself that you guys have kids. I know your kids. I've seen you with your kids. I know you have days like today. Please pray for my kids. Then, pray for my sanity.

Until next time,
Have some of my Dove Dark Chocolate now while I'm sharing. These, I share. My chocolate raspberry milano cookies and my Carol I do not share.


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