Monday, September 29, 2008

Road Rage, Weaning, and Idiots

So, I'm driving to work this morning. I am awake. I am alert. I am convinced the vast majority of the people who drive in my vicinity are none of these things. It happens everyday. Some days on the way to work, some days on the way home. I get behind the 'I'm not up yet person' or the 'I'm too tired to drive home' person. If you're not up yet, or too tired to drive...DON'T!!! Inevitably I do two things when I am stuck behind your slow moving vehicle. First, I yell "It's the bleepin' pedal on the right!" Then, I say a Hail Mary for them and me simultaneously. Rage first. Prayer second. lol. I know. I know. It's not very christian of me. I should think of them and their situation. Maybe they worked the night shift only to get a couple hours sleep to turn around and start their day job. Sadly, I am human and think that's not my problem. I was tossing and turning last night. Yet, I get up for my job. Do the speed limit (God bless cruise control) and am alert on my way to work. Is it that hard for people to press the pedal on the right? Apparently so.

This is officially week three of the weaning off the meds. I notice I'm feel a little anxious. Here's the fun part. Is it actual anxiety or is it me making myself anxious because I'm anxious about getting off the meds? Therein lies the rub.

I found a saying on facebook yesterday....people who say there's no such thing as a stupid question never worked in customer service. Case in point. Last week I made taco salads at work. There is a sign saying "Taco Salad" and the price. There's also a display of the taco salad for all to see. Still some idiot comes by and I kid you not, says "are they *tacos* or taco salad?" Resisting the urge to be a smart alec at work, I tell her that they are taco *salads*. Then, I go in the back to tell the others about the idiot. Most of the questions I get make sense. "what kind of cheese is that?" Gruyere. "I'll have the spinach" as they point to the arrugala. I explain it's arrugala. Then I get "what's arrugala". Again, trying not to be a smart alec...Steve Martin from My Blue Heaven goes through my head..."It's a vegetable". Today, I had a greek flatbread salad. Someone points to the diced SALAMI and asks "Is that SALMON?!" I tell them no, it's salami. Yea, they don't pay me enough!

But, I make my own enjoyment. There's Randy, the braid guy who comes by everyday to ask for a porkchop sandwich, knowing full well I do salads, just to make me smile. There's Richard the 50ish guy who comes by with a smile and get's a salad just about every day. There's Liz who comes by once a week to tell me what movies she's seen and discuss with me. There's Denise the pastor who comes by to check on me. Everytime she comes by the only way I remember her name (I keep wanting to call her Debbie) is to play a scene in my head from Runaway Bride. Next up Denise and Denephews. lol. There's Rodger the tall lanky guy who comes by every day to see how I'm doing. There's a host of others whose names I haven't learned yet, but they come through my line and make me smile and I do the same for them. My job is to make their day a little bit brighter. Cue the Brady Bunch "we can make the world a whole lot brighter...."

I know I have bad days. Especially, when I'm pmsing. I know there are days when my coworkers drive me BATTY (as I'm sure I do them). But it's being in front of the customers that make me happy.

For Julie, I love you!

Until next time, have a cookie, any cookie. Eat it slowly and smile.

PS. I talked to my father yesterday. He heard from my brother, Joey. He's alive and okay! PRAISE GOD FROM WHOM ALL BLESSING FLOW!

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