Monday, September 8, 2008


So, I came back yesterday afternoon from Rockin' C Ranch. It was AMAZING! I am thoroughly exhausted. Tina (Myers) and I decided ahead of time that we were going to be bus buddies. We had a great time on the way up and back. The talks were inspiring. Doreen (whom I adore), Ann P. (who I got to know better), Lisa Howard (how cool is she?!?!?!?), and Tina Scheckel (who is such a rock for me). We also had time to ourselves. I decided I was going to try horseback riding. I say 'try' b/c I've never ridden before. I told my friends that I wanted the 90 year old horse with one foot in the ground. Hopefully, arthritic too! Turns out I got Ben. Ben, who had the most beautiful blue eye you have ever seen. Nolan, the wonderful, very patient, ranch hand help me mount Ben. Seriously, that just sounds so wrong. lol. So, I got up on the horse and started to panic. Carolina (who I just love) was such a rock for me. She was my cheerleader. "Gina you CAN do this!" And, you know what? I DID! Well, for ten minutes anyway. Most of the ten minutes was me sitting still until Ben decided to move. Then it was like shampoo directions...move, panic, stop, repeat. Finally, I got off of the horse. Whew! My legs were shaking for a good 20 minutes afterwards! There was also the rope course and the zip line. Both 40 feet up. I have a fear of the Lord, and a fear of heights, so I stayed firmly planted on the ground, lol.

While at the ranch, I got to catch up with people that I haven't talked to in months and someeven years (Shout out to Tammy Duke!!! I LOVE YOU!). It felt so wonderful and so relaxing. Then, there was my favorite part...Adoration. Just sitting with Jesus was amazing. The whole weekend was like a vacation with Jesus! Then, as if that wasn't enough fun I got to participate in the Lifesavers Kickoff/Fishcamp!!!! I went to Mass and sang (my FAVORITE!!!), then, at the kickoff, I got to sing with MIKE HOWARD and THE BAND!!!! I wish you all could have been there last night!!!! Imagine, 100 teens, all in blue shirts, jumping up and down, singing at the top of their lungs, hands in the air, praising JESUS!!! I was SO blessed to be a part of it! These teens were so loving the music and just wanted to be there to praise our Lord. What could be better?

I learned some things about myself this weekend...
~I'll stick to carousels. Real horses are not for me.
~I love to play air bass guitar (even during Mass, hey, I'm in the back row and it's for Jesus. Don't judge me, lol)
~I felt loved. Not just by Jesus, but by my friends.
~That other people make mountains out of molehills, not just me.
~That friendships can return even though you haven't talked since the dinosaurs roamed.
~That no how many friends I have that love me, deep down, I don't believe they do. Actually, George pointed that out to me, and he's right. Old wineskins, new wine. Hey, I'll add it to my to do list.
~That even though Catholic guilt is a powerful thing, I can release myself from a lot of it.
~That I *can* have it all, not just in one season.
~That when God wants to talk to you, He'll wake you up anyway he can!!
~That Kim Overholt is still one of the coolest people I know.
~That Kim K is not just one of my forever friends, she's family.
~That Tina Myers and I are Irish twins.
~That Carol knows me better than anyone else in this world. And after God and George, she has my back. Always.
~That I love making people laugh.
~That Father Antony is funny. And, he has a map of India ;p
~That I still owe Justin a candy bar.
~What a biblioteca is (it's a library)
~That I cannot introduce people I love without crying.
~That Mary Boyle did, does now, and always will forever ROCK (and her hubby isn't too shabby either).
~That I can just sit and be. The 'still' will eventually get there, and
~That even though Julie couldn't make the retreat she was there with me the entire time!

I hope you all have the chance to go on this retreat. It truly was a vacation with Jesus!
Until next time...if you are feeling Psalm 142, try some Psalm 139!

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