Thursday, September 4, 2008

So, I leave tomorrow for a retreat at the Rockin' C Ranch. I don't have chaps, spurs, or know how to ride a horse. But I am looking forward to going. Albeit, I am not remotely packed. I am in need of some spiritual stuff. So, this weekend will be good.

As you know, work has been a bit rough and yesterday was no exception. This woman torqued me off so bad that this morning when I was walking into work I pretended to be on my phone so I wouldn't have to talk to her. But here comes the funny part. Ask me who I pretended to be talking to. Go ahead, ask. I'll wait. I talked to God. Seriously. And, I didn't even have to pretended! I was all "So, Dad, I told you yesterday about work and blah blah blah". But here comes the funny part...I paused and did the "yes. Uh-huh. I know....But. Yes. Okay, I'll try!" Now, I don't know what He was saying but I was responding. And you know what? I felt tons better! Man, AT&T truly has some kick butt reception!!!

I called my good friend Julie tonight. I haven't talked to her in aaaaaaggggggggges! I miss her terribly and I wanted to check in on her and you know what? She popped off with her usual sage wisdom! She helped me put things in perspective (much easier when wearing someone else's glasses and not your own!). She is such a gift from God!

I came across a video today. One of my favorites. One I'm sure most of you have seen. It's amazing. As I watched the video, and cried. I was reminded of how depressed I was since mom's death. I was reminded of how not only was God there for me (as always) but also my closest and nearest and dearest friends and even some new ones. I watched this video and realized how far I have come. I can remember exactly how I felt and I could relate to the girl in the video (in her despair). So thank you. Thank you Carol. For being my best friend. For loving me in the moments when I don't deserve it. For being my support. Thank you Kim. For being my own personal nurse and letting me abuse your occupation. Thank you for giving me your honest opinion always. For not blowing smoke up my butt. For loving me in spite of my idiosyncrasies. Thank you Liz. For truly understanding where I was walking as you had just taken the road. Thank you for holding my hand, and me. Thank you for your emails and your encouragement. Thank you, Patti. For walking with me and being so supportive, as always. Thank you, Tina. For our growing friendship. For making me laugh. For taking me by the hand and leading me back to myself. For understanding that I needed to hide away for a while, yet still being there for me. For being my 'wingman' and my "I'm with her". For seeing the FOREST for the trees. For not judging me. The horse likes the cat! For my Tuesday prayer group, my grief support group, and my Jeanne. Your prayers and love and strength are immeasurable. And, thank you to my loving husband, George. Your understanding and patience has been nothing short of a miracle. For picking up the major slack of laundry and dinner and dishes that I just could not face. For not understanding but telling me that it was okay. For sharing your parents with me. For loving me no matter what mood I am in. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Father Tim was right, you know. Last week, he said "when you say I love you, you are telling some one you will carry their cross for them." Thank you all for carrying mine. Know that I will be there to help you carry yours. Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere.

Until next time. May the peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, be with you all!

PS. Enjoy the video and please feel free to share!!!

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