Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Red Suitcase

So, I'm on one of my many daily calls to Tina (Myers. I know *way* too many Tina's lol) and she was going out with her youngest, Nathan, 3 to the bus stop to pick up Adriana and Phillip (11 and 42. Okay, he's not 42. I think he's 6.). They get outside only to turn back because Nathan forgot his red suitcase. Nathan goes nowhere without it. Tina commented on the beautiful weather and how as long as Nathan has his red suitcase all is well. She said if only life were that simple.

Then, I, channeling the Holy Spirit b/c I'm so not this profound, said "It is that simple. We all have our own red suitcases. It is different for everyone."

So, here's my question to all of you..."What is your red suitcase?" It can change on a weekly basis. That's okay. As of late, my red suitcase is my cell phone. Specifically the mp3 player on my cell phone. I listen to it at work (not while I'm serving people of course). I've got homilies on it, I've got christian music on it, I've got rock music on it. I've got the rosary on it, in Spanish! The mp3 is my escape. My exit strategy when work goes awry. I plug in and tune out of the crap and tune into my tunes.

What's your red suitcase?

Until next time...
Remember God loves you and so do I :)

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