Thursday, September 11, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

It dawned on me this afternoon that my day was much like the Indiana Jones movie Temple of Doom. Now, while I don't have a temple, it was definitely a day....not so much full of doom, but of boobie traps. Remember the scene where Indy and Short Round were stuck in the room with all the walls closing in on them b/c they tripped off a trap? You've got them on the inside screaming and Kate Capshaw on the outside who has to stick her hand in this icky hole in the wall full of webs and bugs. But, she pulls it and saves them. That was my day. We all know how clumsy I am...I set off a lot of traps today.

First I wake up late. Not the normal five or ten minutes, try 50! It was of my own accord b/c I kept playing the 5 more minute game and lost BIG TIME! I get dressed, think to myself "I showered yesterday, my hair will be under the worlds goofiest looking beret, no prob." -boobie trap #1

I get to work and I go to plug in my headphones to my cell b/c it has an mp3 on it and I listen to various things, the rosary in spanish, homilies, and music. Turns out, I plugged my phone into the charger, but not the charger into the wall. AHHHHHHHHHHH-boobie trap #2

There is discord at work. This one isn't my fault (yea!). But I am stuck in the middle (booooooo!) I work with a two faced person. She was put in her place by one of my favorite people and now she keeps bugging ME. blah, blah, blah. Tell it to Oprah! I don't want to hear it. She wants me to support her and I can't. She's lazy. She's very nice, don't get me wrong, let's just say she never would've made it in the Army. I haven't mastered the diplomacy of telling someone politely "shut up! You're lazy and wipe the same spot with the windex for 30 minutes!!!" Turns out I have two strikes against me working where I do. First is I'm not Mexican and Second, I don't have a penis. I don't. Really. I checked the other day at work. Apparently, I have cojones, just not the piping. - boobie trap #3

I forgot the fish. Specifically, the salmon. Apparently, you can't have a Caesar salad with chicken or salmon without the salmon. It was a total oversight on my part. I knew before I left work yesterday that I'd need it. However, this morning, apparently I took a detour to blanksville on my way to work. - boobie trap #4

Decided after work to go to adoration! Woohoo! Nuthins better than some Me and Jesus time! Nuthin, I tell ya! So, I sit before Him on the floor with my eyes shut. I'm trying to clear out all the noise coming from inside. Works almost too well. I say to myself "Am I asleep? Another song in my head! Come on! How can I do this quiet thing?" So, I keep repeating a mantra. No, it wasn't 'chocolate, dark chocolate. Give me dark chocolate'. It was come, Lord Jesus come. Which brought the song in my head. So, I shortened it to come, Jesus. Then just Jesus. I was so comfortable, I opened my eyes and it was 20 minutes later. Then, I laid down before Him. Again trying to quiet my soul. I was so at peace I thought I might fall asleep. So, I get up and ten minutes had passed. It was now time to go home.-No boobie trap here :)

Stop for a trim at Pro-cuts. She even charged me the kids price since it was just a trim! Get home. Girls are fighting. Again-boobie trap #5

Go to pick up Jaime from robotics club. Then to Kroger's. One of the girls called me screaming that the other one did something or other. I don't know what. I don't know what b/c I chose to hang up on my daughter. I am in Kroger, fresh from adoration and a cute hair trim. I am not going to yell. Yes, I know this probably makes me a bad mother. But at least I am a bad mother with momentary sanity! Treat myself to some chocolate. Don't judge me, I'm PMSing and we're now on trap #6! I sit in the car and eat my Reeses BIG cup (did I say I was pmsing?) and enjoy every last bite. Not moving the car until it is gone. I rest my head again the rest as I enjoy every morsel of my chocolate and peanut butter. James tries to talk to me, but I put my hand up and stop him. I am having a peanut butter/chocolate zen moment that will not be disturbed.-boobie trap #6

Make it home and George is here!!! YEA!!!! Oh joy! Now all the kids are yelling! We'll let George take this one. I go upstairs to the bedroom and lay on the bed and try to find my happy place. George comes upstairs and just holds me. I instantly feel better. Then, he has to leave for crhp. But, before he leaves, he gives me another hug. He is so tall. I feel so loved when he hugs me! -no boobie trap here :)

So, back to my point about Indiana Jones and my day of dread....there Indy and Short Round are on the inside, walls closing in....Kate pulls the lever. The whole movie is laden with boobie traps just like my day. And then there is God, just like Kate Capshaw (only not so blond I think, lol), He releases the lever. He releases lever after lever after lever. How cool is that? Just when I feel I am going to scream out loud (I scream in my head sometimes. Don't you?) He pulls the lever and releases the pressure. God so ROCKS! I have the coolest Dad EVER (so do you guys!).

Wishing you boobie trap free days and if you can't get that then I wish you quick lever releases!
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